Inspiring Innovators since 1997 — Preparing leaders to innovate and innovators to lead.

Inusual Inc. is a global company specialized in culture change and innovation leadership. We discover, prepare and promote innovative leaders that reach extraordinary results, over the world.

We accompany our clients leading innovation. We inspire and empower them with insights, tools, and methodologies they need to achieve their highest level of performance.

We set out in 1997 as a professional community of innovators in Barcelona ( Today, we are a global company empowering organizations to lead change and achieving sustainable success.

We prepare individuals, teams, and organizations to boost their inner creative capacity to overcome their most difficult challenges.

We foster an innovative culture and behavior of our customers encouraging collaboration, promoting applied creativity, boosting productivity, and inspiring innovation. In the end, we help people and organizations learn from their past, lead their present and create their future.

How do we help our clients?

· Building an innovative corporate culture
· Accompanying teams for better innovating
· Sourcing internal and external innovative talent
· Training the leadership to be more innovative

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