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Are You an Innovative Leader? 

High-performing innovation leaders can be identified by core values that are reflected in their behaviors, actions, and decisions. The following are traits that are shared by the most innovative leaders today and throughout history: 


Many people fear change. Innovative leaders fight in the face of this fear rather than flee from it as many people would. They’re not afraid to ask questions in their quest to understand more. They don’t fear failure as they see it as a valuable opportunity to grow. They’re not afraid to expose their vulnerabilities especially if it means they can learn from experience. 


Leaders must be confident but also self-aware and humble. The innovation leader is ready to admit when they don’t know something, humble enough to ask for help, and grateful enough to be thankful for the opportunities to develop their understanding and skills. 

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Members give us an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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